It’s been a long long since Mommy last updated your blog!!

It’s been almost a year since Mommy last wrote to you. You are now 23 months old, healthy and thriving! Mommy must say that you are a toddler who goes by the book. Your developmental milestones are according to parental experts have generally pointed out. The only one thing that you might be slower compared to other kids your age is your speech. However, it was not that delayed.

You called me Mommy when you were 17 months old! Mommy remembered that day so well. We were at Ocean, one of Asian groceries store in our city. You were with Daddy while Mommy was checking out. You were looking for me and said “Mommy Mommy Mommy” out loud when you saw me. You actually spoke the word “Dad” before “Mommy”. Maybe, Daddy is easier to say then Mommy is???

You are such a joy and become the most important part in Mommy’s life. You have brought so much fun, surprises and excitement to us. You have become a boy loaded with sense of humors, and packed with tons of energy! Taking care, and raising you is my pride. It makes me proud when Mommy saw you discover new thing, say, and read new words out loud.

The only regret Mommy had was when Mommy left you with strangers while attending a toddler behavior class. You had changed tremendously after that day. You had never been too clingy to Mommy but after that day, you wanted Mommy in your sight all the time. Daddy could not put you to bed any more. You only wanted Mommy to be with you. Mommy had to co-sleep with you because you woke a lot at night. Mommy actually LOVEs sleeping beside you. It’s a special time for Mommy. You loved it when Mommy told you how special you were, how much love you got, how you could do anything.

Your second Halloween was a blast! We were worried that you would get scared of people in scary costumes. We were worried for nothing because you enjoyed seeing people come knocking on our door for tricks or treats. One boy dressed as a lion. You were so excited to see him and thought he was the real one. You were upset when the lion left. The only negative thing that night was you eating too much treats!!

Your 2nd birthday is in a few weeks. Mommy is so excited and already bought a present for you. You are so into transportations for your presents are all about things that move!!!!!

Written on 5th of November 2010
Jakob is now 23 months, 2 weeks, 3 days old.
Brampton Ontario, Canada (21.38 hrs)



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